Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Pixar Books now Available

A number of Pixar-related books have been published today. The first is the children's book Finding Nemo Big Golden Book, which I am sure will capitalize on the upcoming re-release of Finding Nemo in 3D.

The second is the Cars Little Golden Book Library, which actually is a collection of 5 separate Little Golden Books about our favorite characters from both Cars and Cars 2.

Interestingly, Amazon has very limited quantities of both these books. When I checked this evening, Amazon reported they had 6 copies of the Finding Nemo Big Golden Book, and only 5 of the Cars Little Golden Book Library. Amazon reports there are more on the way, but I'm curious about the low inventory levels; is this a sign of larger-than-expected interest, or is Amazon keeping tight rein on their inventory?

The last book, and one I am very interested in, is The Toy Story Films: An Animated Journey, by Charles Solomon with Foreword by Hayao Miyazaki and Afterword by John Lasseter. If the name Charles Solomon sounds familiar, it's probably because he also wrote The Art of Toy Story 3! So it makes sense he would write a book on the entire Toy Story trilogy.

The Toy Story Films: An Animated Journey is a hard-cover book contains 192 pages, and as described by the book description on Amazon:
The Toy Story Films: An Animated Journey tells the tale of the incredibly talented visionaries who conceived, developed, and ultimately shared Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy’s toys with the entire world. Their story is recounted within these pages through candid interviews with the animators, directors, and voice actors who brought the films to life; artwork that inspired, grew into, or became a part of the iconic movies; and untold details of the growth and development of one of the most lucrative and artistically significant film series ever. It serves as a lesson to us all that we are never too old to use our imagination—and play with our toys.
I'm very excited about the interviews with the animators and directors, especially when discussing the "early years" and their first feature length film. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

Thanks to both the Pixar Talk and the Pixar Post blogs, who brought these books to our attention a few months ago.


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we're absolutely going to order the "Toy Story Films" book tonight!

  2. I know, it looks awesome! I'm so busy right now, I have no time for it so I think I'll wait and see if I get it for Christmas!