Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pixarian Start and Birth Dates, November, 2012 Edition

Here are the start and birth dates for November! Sadly, it's a quiet month. Let's begin with start dates!
  • Chris Chua (2007) - Chris, active on both Twitter and his blog, started his Pixar career working as a fix animator on WALL•E. He moved up to animator on Up, Cars 2 and Brave. Prior to coming to Pixar, Chua studied traditional animation at CalArts. He has taught at Animation Mentor and worked at Dreamworks on films such as Flushed Away, Shark Tale and Sinbad.
  • Brad Lewis (2001) - Lewis produced Ratatouille (for which he won the Producer of the Year award from the Producer's Guild), and co-produced Cars 2. Before coming to Pixar, Lewis spent 13 years at Pacific Data Images as Vice President of Productions. He also produced Antz for Dreamworks. Lewis left Pixar in 2011 to go work at Digital Domain's animation group in Florida, which unfortunately was shut down this past September.

  • Derek Williams (1997) - Derek Williams was born and raised in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom, and studied film at The London International Film School. At Pixar, Williams first job was as a set dresser on A Bug's Life. He has worked on almost every feature film since, including as the sets supervisor on Brave. Besides feature films, Williams has worked on short films such as For the Birds and Tokyo Mater.

As for November birth dates, these aren't Pixar employees but some actors that have voiced characters in Pixar films:
  • Owen Wilson, November 18, 1968 - Wilson is known for voicing Lightning McQueen in Cars, Cars 2 and Mater and the Ghostlight. He also did voice acting in Fantastic Mr. Fox, and has performed in a number of live-action films such as Meet the Fockers, Zoolander and Wedding Crashers.
  • Wallace Shawn, November 12, 1943 - Shawn is an American actor who voiced Rex in the Toy Story films, and Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles. He has also performed in live-action films including My Dinner with Andre and The Princess Bride.

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