Saturday, November 29, 2014

This Day in Pixar History: A Day in the Life of La Luna Director Enrico Casarosa

If you're like me,  not only do you like seeing films on the big screen, you like the behind-the-scene looks at the making of the films. I love listening to director commentaries and watching bonus features on the DVD or Blu-ray. I've mentioned this before, but a critical event in my love of Pixar came with the Monsters, Inc. DVD. I've spent hours in the "For Humans" section of the bonus DVD. This was my first in-depth look at the new Emeryville studio and I sat in awe watching the Production Tour and other features that focused on the people and building. Watching all the different aspects of making the film - story, animation, sound, the artwork, just blew me away. And then there were the fun features - the Fun Factory Tour, riding around the studio on scooters, the chimp, the first annual International Air Show, the Easter Eggs! I already knew this was a special company, but these bonus features started me down the road of learning more about Pixar's culture and how they managed to have fun, work hard and continued to put out amazing films.

Enrico, middle, at the 8th annual
Cartoon Art Museum Benefit
Fortunately, now with the Internet there are a number of ways to learn about how films are made and the artists that make them.  From podcasts like The Pixar Post and their Pixar Pipeline Project, to artists live-tweeting throughout their work day or answering questions via Twitter or Reddit. And on this day back in 2011, Pixar's Enrico Casarosa took us on a visual tour of one of his days while directing the beautiful short film La Luna. From the moment he arrived at the studios via bicycle, through meetings and reviews, Casarosa gives a great, personal look at what occurred during development of the film. I really enjoyed seeing the antics and effort that went into making the film, and would love to see more of these day-in-the-life features.

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