Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inside Out Pre-Production Artwork Walt Disney World

The marketing for Inside Out is in full swing! The blogger press event is occurring at the studio this week, new trailers were recently released and billboards are up advertising the film. At the Magic of Disney Animation at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, they've set up an exhibit with some great pre-production artwork from the film.


The artwork clearly shows the level and range of emotion that will be in the film

I love the truth in this drawing by Pixar artist Don Shank

I also love the San Francisco landmarks and architectural details

Can I just say I have no idea what role this unicorn will play in the film but I love it!

I am so excited for this film to open, and this artwork just increases my excitement! Keep your eyes on my Twitter and Instagram accounts as I'll be posting more pictures while I'm at Disney World this week.

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  1. Oppzz.marvelous creations and I love to see this stuff's backstage works was amazing