Friday, April 27, 2012

Colin Levy Film Screenings in Upcoming Film Festivals (UPDATE)

Colin Levy, a visual effects artist and filmmaker at Pixar, tweeted a couple weeks ago that he had 3 films screening in 2 separate festivals almost simultaneously! The first festival is the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY). This festival showcases films from directors 22 and younger (Levy is 22). The festival is running from April 26 through the 29 at a number of venues throughout Seattle, Washington.

Levy has 2 films showing at NFFTY. The first film, En Route, was shown last night during the opening night gala. As described on the NFFTY website,
“En Route” traces the life story of a professional pilot, backtracking from the moment of his death through the events and influences that led him there. A slight deviation in course– a fortuitous decision in child’s play– spawns a ripple effect that alters his identity and, ultimately, his fate.
I saw En Route previously and it definitely makes you think about how the smallest decisions can have a dramatic effect on your life.

Levy's second film is an animated short film called Sintel, which is being screened with 7 other shorts on Sunday, April 29, starting at 12pm. The film is described on the website as:
In a medieval fantasy world, a plucky orphan girl finds a companion in an injured baby dragon.  When her new friend is ruthlessly taken away, she embarks on an arduous quest to confront its abductor.  But not everything goes according to plan.
While the multi-day and single-day passes are sold out, it looks like there are still tickets available for individual sessions. Tickets are only $11 so if you are in the Seattle area I highly recommend checking out these works from up and coming filmmakers. More ticket information can be found on the NFFTY website.

Levy will need to immediately leave NFFTY and head to the Newport Beach Film Festival, which is showing a third film by him! The Newport Beach Film Festival also began on the 26 and runs through May 3. The Secret Number is a live-action short film that will be screened with 5 other films in the Short Mind Games session at 8pm on Wednesday, May 2. The website describes The Secret Number as:
A psychiatrist is compelled by his patient, an obsessive mathematician, to consider the existence of a secret integer between three and four.
The festival will be showing films at a number of venues, and is having quite a few special events, parties and seminars with opportunities to meet the directors, writers and producers. Tickets can be purchased for specific events or sessions and, similar to NFFTY, look reasonable - a ticket to the Short Mind Games session is $12. Check out the festival's schedule page for information on sessions and tickets.

UPDATE (4/30/2012)
Colin tweeted this afternoon that Sintel won the Audience Award in the animation category at the NFFTY. Congratulations Colin!

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