Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pixarian Book and Gallery Show: Round Robin 3

Pixarians Daniela Stijleva, Jennifer C. Chang and Katy Wu will be releasing their latest book, Round Robin 3, on May 5. This is the third (and last) book in the series. Each book is filled with 15 illustrations. But the cool thing is each illustration is connected to the illustrations immediately before and after it by a word game. Each artist comes up with a word inspired by the previous word. The last word is associated with the first word to make a chain of 15 2-word combinations (which I'm guessing leads to the name "Round Robin"). The artists create the illustrations based on these word combinations.

They will be celebrating the release of their new book Round Robin 3 with a book signing and gallery show at Rare Device on Saturday, May 5, from 3pm - 6pm. In addition to the book signing, the artists will have an exhibit containing a number of bookplate paintings and gilée prints. The exhibit will run through the month of May, but looking at their previous book releases it sounds like the artwork goes quickly! So if you have a chance, I'd recommend heading over to Rare Device on the 5th, get a copy of the book and meet these awesome artists! Since I'm in Minnesota I unfortunately won't be able to make it. But I did order a copy of their first Round Robin book last night and am really looking forward to receiving it!

Rare Device is located at 600 Divisadero Street in San Francisco. You can get more information (or order your own copy of one of their books, which will be signed by the artists) from the Round Robin website, or from the artists individual websites (I've provided the links above with their names).

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